The Beverage Butler is proud to offer products & services designed for any event.
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Event Delivery

Available for events of any kind! We offer delivery and setup of all your beer, soft drinks, water, and ice. We service most of the Philadelphia Metropolitan area within PA*. Not sure what you need for your event? We're happy to answer any questions you, your staff or your clients may have!

  • Craft Beer from sought after breweries around North America and beyond
  • Craft Ciders & Meads
  • All Budweiser, Miller, Coors, Corona, and Yuengling products
  • Spiked: Seltzers, Teas, Waters
  • Soft Drinks and Juices
  • Specialty Beverages: Ice Coffee products including La Colombe's Draft Latte, Energy Drinks & Kombucha
  • Special Orders: are you looking for something specific and hard to find? If it's available in Southeastern PA and in stock...we can get it
  • We're also able to meet at a PLCB Fine Wine & Spirits retail store and transport wine and spirits

*By law we're not allowed to transport alcohol over Pennsylvania state lines

Curated Beer Tastings

  • Curated & Hosted Beer Tastings:
    • Whether part of a bigger event or "THE EVENT" let us curate and provide an on site overview of an outstanding selection of craft beers for all guests to enjoy
    • Send your guests home with a boxed set of the beers sampled during the tasting
  • Curated & Hosted Beer and Food Pairing:
    • Let us create an amazing beverage pairing for your planned menu
    • Send your guests home with a boxed set of the beers sampled during the tasting
  • Themed Beer Events
    • Having a themed event? Let us curate a selection of beers to match! We can match beers by season, holiday, special occasions, beer style or brewery location
    • Beer 101! Everything you and your guests wanted to know about beer including the history of beer, the brewing process, how to taste beer, and how to pair beer with food. One of our Head Butler's will be on site to facilitate this wonderful overview.
    • And yes, you guessed it! Send your guests home with a boxed set of beers sampled during your themed event

Welcome Gifts

  • Our first love and what we're known for! Let The Beverage Butler curate a special boxed set of craft beer for your guests to enjoy!
    • Whether it's highly sought after craft beer or the beer list from the bride & grooms first date we'll design a set of beers that say Thank You!
    • We can also include glassware, beer swag and local munchies for your guests to enjoy
    • We'll build the boxes, and deliver them to your destination to await your guest's arrival
    • For an added touch we can include two etched glasses commemorating the event
    • Give the ultimate beer related gift, a 3, 6 or 12 month craft beer delivery subscription specifically curated for each recipient

We'd love to be a "part" of your next party or event!

Whether it's delivering all of your beverage needs or hosting a curated tasting!