General Club Questions

1What is the difference between the two clubs – Beer Geek Tour and Brewery Club?
  1. The Beer Geek Club is designed to provide you with beers that fall within your unique taste spectrum. You will be asked 17 questions regarding beer styles and based on your answers you will create a personal taste profile. Then, at your determined 2 or 4 week interval you will receive your personally curated Beer Geek Club package.
  2. The Brewery Club is designed to provide you a tour of America’s best breweries from the comfort of your home. Once a month you will receive 2 Variety 12packs from breweries across America. The case will have at least 6 different beers & styles.
2How many beers do I receive per month in the clubs?
  1. Beer Geek Club
    1. The Weekender – 3 different standard beers, 4 of each.
    2. Friends & Family – 4 different premium beers, 3 of each.
    3. Private Stash – 6 to 8 different top-shelf beers, 1 to 3 of each.
  2. Brewery Tour – 2 Variety 12 Packs.
3How do you determine my taste profile?
When you create an account, and elect to join the Beer Geek Club you will be prompted to complete your Personal Taste Profile.
4What breweries can I expect to receive beer from?
We purchase beer from over 500 breweries across America.
5Do I have to be a member of a club to have beers delivered?
No, you can purchase Gifts or products from our Bottle Shop.
6Can I purchase gifts?
Yes, we have a section of the website dedicated to giving the Gift of Beer!
7How can I cancel a subscription to a club?
Under your account page, go to your Subscriptions. There you can suspend or cancel any of your subscriptions at will. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us.


1What does it cost to join one of the clubs?
Each club is priced differently, and prices range from $45 to $75 per box.
2Is payment one time or is it billed monthly?
Initial payment is for 3 months and thereafter you are billed per delivery interval.
3What forms of payment are accepted?
All Major Credit Cards
4Do you accept Paypal?
We do not currently accept Paypal but we do accept all major credit cards.


1What geographic area do you deliver to?
We currently deliver within a 90 mile radius in the middle of South Eastern, PA. To verify if we deliver to your home please enter your zip code into the delivery area verification tool.
2How often can I receive beer through the clubs?
If you have an active subscription to one of our clubs you can add products to your next scheduled delivery or request a separate delivery. Depending on volume of orders we operate on a 6-9 day delivery cycle. If you are not an active subscriber then your order will be delivered the next day we are scheduled in your area based on the above cycle.
3How do I know when my beer will be delivered?
We will contact you via your preferred method of communication to identify a window of time to schedule your delivery. Our favorite method of communication is text message. Then leading up to your delivery we will send a few reminders to keep you informed of your delivery status. The day your beer is to be delivered, we will give you a 60 minute timeframe to be on the lookout. Because law requires someone at least 21 years of age be able to receive and sign for your purchase it’s important we keep you informed of our ETA.
4Will Beverage Butler deliver to my office?
If your boss is okay with it, we're okay with it.
5Do I need to be home to accept delivery?
Someone over the age of 21 needs to be present to accept and sign for delivery.
6What happens if I miss my delivery?
If you confirmed a delivery date and you are not home when we arrive we will reverse any charges for the beer but we will charge a $5 missed delivery fee.
7What proof is required at the time of delivery?
We accept valid photo driver’s license or identification card issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation or by any other state, a valid United States Armed Forces identification card, or a valid passport or travel visa issued by the United States or a foreign country that contains the holder’s photograph, are all-acceptable as identification cards. We do reserve the right to refuse service if we are unable to satisfactorily validate a member /customer’s ID.
8How is beer delivered (e.g., private services, UPS, Mail, etc.)?
Beverage Butler has its own fleet of Vehicles. We handle the precious cargo and ensure you have a great experience.
9Can a date/time be scheduled for delivery?
Yes, we will make outreach per your preferred method of communication as indicated on the Account you have created with The Beverage Butler.
10Can I pick up my beer at a store, or can it be delivered somewhere other than my Home?
We currently do not offer in store pick-up, however we can deliver to an alternative address such as work, or a friend or family members home.


1Is there a minimum or maximum amount I can order?
For customers who are members of the Beer Geek Club or Brewery Tour Club minimums are not required, additional products purchased will be added to your next scheduled delivery. If you are NOT a member of one of our cool clubs, there is a $45 minimum order required for delivery.
2If I really like a beer, can I order more?
If you would like to special order a product we will do our best to accommodate your request. However, availability of some beers may be limited due to seasonality, demand, and brewery output. That said we are also happy to make recommendations for similar products.
3Can I special order?
Yes, but please know on a per product basis a quantity minimum may apply. Please call us to further discuss how we can provide you with something special.
4Do you deliver on demand?
Generally NO. However, if we are coincidentally planning to be near your location we may be able to accommodate. Please give us a call.
5Will you deliver out of state?
We currently do not deliver out of state.
6We're having a party...
a. Can I order a keg? - We do not buy, sell, or deliver kegs.
b. Do you deliver ice? - We do not deliver ice.

Still have a question? Please contact us at (484) 463-0900 or submit here.